emmakate sprenkle

About the artist

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Fearing change and easily homesick, I craved nostalgia and comforts of home. I went to a college nearby so I didn't need to move, I didn't need to learn a new town or state. I studied printmaking at Arcadia university and graduated in 2013 with my BFA. Inspired heavily by the pop art era, 70s and 80s rock and roll, New York punks, and simple doodles with pops of color. I have always been surrounded by a deep love from a lot of cats, and of friends and families dogs. I've been taken in by few, only the ones I would allow to take me. I always wanted to bring new people in to my home instead of being brought in to theirs. I was comfortable in the home I was raised, the home decorated and tidied, the home where things "worked" but "aesthetic" wasn't the goal. It was an eclectic experience of light and colors and candles and clutter. Loved deeply. I worked through college in the sign industry, a job I hold still, although less of a role since becoming a mother. I can't help but smirk when I see a still functioning neon sign or a beautifully clean hand painted letter. I try to embody these things I love by painting pets, homes, rooms, buildings and signs. Allowing others to have a piece of artwork of those things they love. I am self taught in the field of watercolor, ever learning and testing. 

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